Nilton Dellane

Nilton Dellane
Guarulhos, São Paulo / Contando estrelas, escondendo demônios, imaginando selvageria e sentindo o calor na pele.
Nilton Dellane
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Givenchy | Black & White | Schizophrenie

dimitrij vysokolyan, mattheiu gregoire, yannick abrath, christ beek & matvey lykov photographed by fanny latour-lambert & styled by mattieu pabiot for l'officiel hommes NL, fall/winter 2012


Not just for the sake of misbehaving, but because that's what my truth usually requires of me. And because "well-behaved women rarely make history.

Chris New

These evocative and intimate photos were taken on the set of Andrew Haigh’s WEEKEND:

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What's it like trying to replicate Carrie Bradshaw's legendary wardrobe for the upcoming Carrie Diaries? Marie Claire asked to the 'Carrie Diaries' TV Serial costume Designer : ERIC DAMAN.