Vertical sundial by David Harber. These sundials comprise strips of bronze, brass, copper or stainless steel attached directly to the surface of the wall. The numerals and sundial furniture are laser cut to match.

Vertical sundials: a hand crafted wall sundial in enamel, slate, stone or lead adds a touch of magic to your home or garden

Arcadian Wall Sundial by Haddonstone - Sundials - Garden Ornaments - ONLINE SHOP

Arcadian Wall Sundial by Haddonstone - Sundials - Garden Ornaments - ONLINE…

'Noondial' vertical sundial with fascinating detail in a delightfully clean design.

Stainless Steel by Alastair Hunter titled: 'Noondial (Modern Solar Steel Yard/garden Sundial)'.

Glass vertical sundial

Hand crafted highly accurate wall sundials in enamel, slate, stone, lead glass or mosaic.

'Orbit' vertical sundial with circling shadows in October sunshine. On display at King Edward's School, Witley, Surrey, England.

Orbit is a freestanding sundial. The gnomon sculpted into planetary motion casts sunny shadows, and an oculus marks precious moments endlessly with light.

vertical sundial

Merlin Sundials - details about our vertical sundials made to commission

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