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an old architecture was so pretty with the ceiling painted in pastel colors and flowers
my whisper <𝟑
pls give credits if u repost 🎀 #whispers #coquette #oldmoney #coquettewhispers #whisper #oldarchitectureaesthetic
spotify pintrest arctic monkeys taylor swift Humour, Selfie, Motivation, Real, Random, Meme, Yeah, Mood, True
love it
my whisper 💕 #whispers #relatablewhispers #school #romanticizingschool Feelings, Really Funny, I Can Relate, Pretty When You Cry
it's such a mood ˚୨୧⋆。˚
my whisper 💕 #whispers #relatablewhispers #school #romanticizingschool
a woman with long hair walking down a road next to trees and flowers in her hair
two people sitting in the grass with trees behind them and text that reads, my personality comes out in summer
I love summer
a woman in pink shirt and white shorts with headphones on her ear, holding a bottle
i either read for hours or won't touch a book for months
chicken salad whisper background pin pinterest Salads, Snacks, Recipes, Foods, Cooking, Foodie, Healthy Lifestyle, Salad
chicken salad>>
a girl with her hand on her face and the words i know i scrolled too much when the pins don't match my pinterest aesthetic
i need to smell good at all times hawaiian tropic body cream on hand
a woman sitting on a train with the words train rides w / random people are so fun
and i'm on a train ride just like that <3 #mine #whisper #train #trains
a woman laying on top of a bed with her arms crossed and the words i deserves to be in italy
K Pop, Vaseline Lip Therapy, Vaseline Lip, Skincare, Care, Confessions
a face made out of paper with the words pil who never getting left out is lucky
Unlikee me