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the contents of a raincoat, boots and flowers are laid out on a blue background
Spring essentials!
purple and yellow flowers sitting on top of a piece of paper with the word priority mail
Springtime deliveries are the best deliveries. #specialdelivery #usps #postalservice #spring
a woman sitting in a chair with a laptop on her lap
Take the Post Office:tm: outdoors and ship with a view. Create a My USPS:tm: account and access shipping tools wherever you are. #usps #postalservice #outdoors
harry potter themed care package with the words 10 harry potter themed care packages on it
10 Harry Potter Themed Care Packages - Jo, My Gosh!, LLC
Repin: Harry Potter themed care package ideas
a person is holding an envelope with various items in it
Repin: Sweet and simple snail mail DIY |
the contents of a diaper bag laid out on the floor next to it's contents
find joy in the journey
Repin: a moving survival box...totally going to make this for the next friend that moves!
four different colored boxes in a cardboard box with white, pink, green, and purple
Shipping gifts to loved ones this holiday season? Watch this How-To video on how to properly pack a box.
a white mail envelope with the priority mail stamp on it's front and back side
New to shipping packages and don't know how to address it? Watch this How-To video on addressing.
an advertisement for priority mail express with a rock in the foreground and a red bow on it
Don’t know how to get your package to Point A to B in a certain time? Watch this How-To Video to learn your options!
a notebook with the words 11 must have items for college care packages on it next to school supplies
11 Must Have Items For A Guy's College Care Package
Repin: Guy or Girl? Freshman or Senior? Regardless of the age, here are 11 Must Have Items For College Care Packages. Believe me, they will thank you for them.
an open box filled with movies and popcorn
The "Home in a Box" Care Package
Repine: The Movie Night Care Package | 16 Care Packages That Any College Kid Would Love
the contents of a box are neatly packed and ready to be picked up from the store
The "Home in a Box" Care Package
Repinned: The “Home in a Box” Care Package | 16 Care Packages That Any College Kid Would Love
a collage of different foods and drinks with the words health care package on it
Care Packages
Repin: Fitness Care Package
a turkey with the words everything you need for a tantalizing thanksgiving care package
15 Thanksgiving Care Packages - Jo, My Gosh!, LLC
Repinned: A list of gifts, ideas, and recipes to create the perfect Thanksgiving care package for college students, missionaries, or military personnel.