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Vagner Uliana
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coffee plant illustration

And this coffee plant illustration too! I love tattooing coffee thanks so much Jecinda!

For the coffee/horticulture enthusiast. | 23 Tattoos For Coffee Lovers

Because the nectar of the gods deserves a permanent place on your body. (And being hooked up to an espresso IV seems kind of dangerous.

Diana Severinenko

Good level of complexity and style, but should be completely finished. Coffee plant botanical tattoo byb Diana Severinenko part 2

. According to the Roastery, coffee should be enjoyed unadulterated, and here that means no kids in buggies, no sugar, only a few select cakes and pastries and just one trestle table for laptops.

I haven't actually been there yet but my trusty coffee loving friends keep going on about it so I thoughtI'd better add it; The Barn - Roastery in Berlin, Berlin