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an anime character with black hair and white teeth
#rock-lee-icons on Tumblr
a dog is sitting on the ground with its head down and his paw resting on another dog's back
a cartoon character is in the middle of a grassy area with trees and rocks behind him
rock lee babado
a cartoon character is holding his arm up in the air
two people are hugging each other in front of a fence and trees, with mountains in the background
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an animated image of a person with arms outstretched
Conhecendo o amor
a person with a rainbow colored afro on their head
Post / X
an animated image of a woman hanging upside down from the sky on top of a mountain
shikamaru icon funny
a table topped with two tacos covered in plastic wrappers next to cups and bowls
BE MINE © || Rock Lee x Lectora
an anime character with his tongue out
She Happy | Naruto
an animated image of a man with glasses on his head and hands in the air
Тоже Саске.
an animated image of a man with blonde hair wearing a black and red jacket, standing in front of a wooden wall
a cartoon character standing in front of a wall
I miss Mini Neji | Fandom