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a poem written in spanish on a pink background with white writing and an ornate crown
Lembro, e vejo como minha vida era triste. MUITO OBRIGADA SELEÇÃO E TODOS OS LIVROS!!! Abriram portas que eu jamais pensaria. Mudou minha vida....❤❤❤
a man and woman standing next to each other
A herdeira
a poem written in spanish with an image of a crown on the top and bottom
Awn, é muito amor
an image of a woman in a white dress with the words,'pra mi voce vale a pena no se
a woman in a red dress with an open book on her shoulder and the caption reads, como e amar?
Livro - A Elite
a woman is sitting down with her hand on her face and the words in spanish above her
Livro - A Elite
the back cover of a book with spanish text
the menu for an italian restaurant
a man with long hair wearing a suit and tie next to a woman in a white shirt
trecho | a elite