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portuguese words "A"


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Learn phrases in the Portuguese language by selecting the phrases that you want to learn from the list. These cover a wide variety of topics, including Portuguese numbers, colours, greetings directions, and months. audio for the phrases was recorded by a native speaker from Portugal.


Learn Portuguese (Portugal) for free online

Verbos populares


Learn Portuguese - Courses online : The Most Popular Verbs in Portuguese

ibero-english: “ La Familia / A Família / The Family Parent, Grandparent • El neutro de padre y madre, abuelo y abuela. Si quieras referir a tus padres, se dice parents. Si quieras referir a tus...

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Brazilian Portuguese vs. European Portuguese (just for reference)

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Regras de Acentuação Gráfica

Acabe com as dúvidas sobre acentuação gráfica - Educação

Learning the Portuguese language is very important to my family in order to understand our culture and remember where we came from.

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Learn 123 numbers nursery art decor in Portuguese and English - 8x10 print


Learn 123 numbers nursery art decor in Portuguese by nuevodesigns

Emergency Phrases in Brazilian Portuguese #Courconnect #Languages #Courses

Expat in Brazil