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two stainless steel elevators with the words darth vader's rarely photographed wife
A fanboy with boobs......here you will find I have
Ha ha that's such a bad pun but it's still hilarious…
a cartoon drawing of a man riding a horse with the caption'he, everybody look at me '
gemma correll's tumblr of things and stuff: Photo
I laughed way too hard
a computer keyboard with the words, i lost control on it and an image of a mouse
20 Puns That Totally Nailed It
god. if theres one thing i love, its visual puns. (ok yeah its not really a pun, but i dont know what to call it)
40 Terrible, Delicious, Funny Food Puns #fails, Art, Caricature, Draw, Nurse Humour, Illustrators, Laugh, Cute Puns
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40 Terrible, Delicious, Funny Food Puns
a hot dog and ketchup bottle sitting next to each other
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Food pun...
The 50 Funniest Puns In The History Of Funny Puns Punny Puns, Punny, Food Puns
The 50 Funniest Puns In The History Of Funny Puns
there are four different types of clocks on the same page, each with time and water
Clever pun illustrations
Clever pun illustrations
two cartoon characters are standing next to each other and one has a diamond on it
My dad's been under a lot of pressure
the different types of boats are shown in this graphic art printable poster, which includes four
Artist Turns Everyday Sayings Into Clever Pun Illustrations
Pun Illustrations
a drawing of a house next to a honey jar that says hi honey, i'm home
( obone, you tuba. • I LA Wi Honey, I* Нома (© BRAIlflPSSTÄlPS.coin СЬосоЫе MilK Shake / auto
#Funny #Humor
an image of different colored lines in the same color and size as well as text
Extremely Punny Illustrations That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face