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Vanessa Gavioli

Vanessa Gavioli
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Passage to Burma, Scott Stulberg


Abra a sua janela e veja o que ninguém vê.

Call Parade – As Intervenções artísticas em Orelhões de São Paulo

phone booth art project in São Paulo

Child of war. Palestine.

Pinner writes: "طفلة غزاوية خايفة على عروستها A little girl from Gaza shuts her dolls eyes with her hand because she is scared that the doll will see the horror around her like she does!" [Effects of War]

Descobrimos onde está o fim do arco íris kkk

Pra gente que sente.

Buzzing Wire:tumbler

Buzzing Wire Vaguely Song - priceless gift pin from my "Pindred" Spirit, Ashaley Lenora

study motivation.

Parisienne: I'M DOIN Parisienne: I'M DOING THIS FOR ME Carrie Fiter quotes words of wisdom blackout poetry travel quotes neon positive inspirational wisdom affirmations life quotes motivational quotes music quotes happiness relationship quotes intj infp t

Viajar é trocar a roupa da alma (Mário Quintana)

"Travelling is changing the clothes of our soul" Mario Quintana - I have always loved Quintana, but forgot he even had a quote for travelling.

Que seja eterno enquanto for recíproco.