Vania Esteves Ribeiro

Vania Esteves Ribeiro

Vania Esteves Ribeiro
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somerollingstone: “Zippora Seven by Johnny Abegg for Spell Designs Spring 2015 ”

The Osiria Rose : a breathtaking beauty

10 Red White Tea " In Love " Rose Seeds. This rose is a very beautiful, romantic rose that will add color and sophistication to any garden.

Great use of that old tree stump

If you are trying to getting rid of tree stumps in your garden, wait. See these tree stump ideas below. You have no idea that you can make so many things out of them.

An old tree stump as a planter - I love this idea, - now all I need is the tree stump!

Recycling tree-stump for planter and decorating with flowers .this is really a terrific idea! The only thing I need to know is what do you use to hollow out the tree stump so I can fill it with soil?