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nine portraits of people with different facial expressions and hair styles, all in black and white
the different types of ink shading techniques for beginners to use in their art projects
Magical Pen & Ink Illustration / Drawing & Illustrating Practices in Ink for Beginners | Yasmina Creates | Skillshare
Drawing People, Figure Drawing, Human Figure Drawing, Mannequin Drawing, Human Figure, Figures, Artist Mannequin, Drawing Proportions, Drawing Class
The Manniquin Photo by sceny69 | Photobucket | Figure drawing, Drawing proportions, Mannequin drawing
several different colored images of people doing various things in the air with their arms and legs spread out
Lesson: Warm & Cold Motion Figures
a blue and white painting of trees with the moon in the background
Winter Birch Trees
four pumpkins painted on black paper with orange and green accents, one has a smiling face
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