Vítor Duarte Nunes

Vítor Duarte Nunes

Vítor Duarte Nunes
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Escultor cria incrível leão de metal que parece ter vida própria Leão de Metal Escultura 2 640x963

Amazing Artwork that Takes an A Lot of Time-Using nothing but salvaged metal scraps, Turkish artist Selçuk Yılmaz created this huge lion sculpture. Each piece was hand-cut, hammered and welded into place, taking the artist nearly a year to complete.

Fluxo Série Esculturas de Gil Bruvel

Australian artist Gil Bruvel creates fascinating figurative sculptures using bands of stainless steel ribbons. "I am very passionate about my current expression - Flow Series. It is the culmination of my life

Edouard Martinet

Edouard Martinet sees art in other people’s junk. He created an amazing assortment of beautiful animal sculptures from scrap metal in junkya.