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an image of a bedroom with a couch and tv in the corner, on pinterest
an image of a porch swing that is on the website for furniture and decor stores
Covered Patio with Rope Swing Bed - Transitional - Deck/patio
a bedroom with white brick walls and wooden flooring is decorated in pastel tones
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Imagem de bedroom, white, and room
a bedroom with a forest mural on the wall next to a bed and night stand
Community wall photos
Meio bruto,gostei
a wooden shelf with books on it and a white hat sitting on top of it
Erro de Banco de Bados
an open living room and dining area in a modern house with plants on the balconies
#olhomágicocj #triaarquitetura Essa casa original da década de 1970 teve reforma total. Respeitando alguns elementos originais, adaptamos os vãos para mais entrada de luz natural. O antigo beiral deu lugar a floreira que faz bonito na área externa. @triaarquitetura #decoração #decor #projetotria #inspiração #architecture #interiordesign #residencial #arquitetura #reforma #sp #casamoema
the interior of a small apartment with wood paneling and plants on the balcony area
Sacadas Pequenas e bem Aproveitadas
Sacada com banco de madeira
a living room filled with furniture next to a stair case and glass railing on the wall
Fotos de Decoração, Arquitetura, Design de Interiores e Construção | homify
Escada: Corredores, halls e escadas modernos por ANDRÉ PACHECO ARQUITETURA
a bathroom with a large bathtub next to a window
Banho de chuva
an image of a porch swing chair with blue pillows on it and the caption reads, decorative curios
Suíte do executivo casa cor 2013, bc arquitetos | homify
SUÍTE DO EXECUTIVO CASA COR 2013 : Varandas, alpendres e terraços modernos por BC Arquitetos
the instagram page on instagram shows an image of a walkway and water feature curso online de arranjos florais, jardim, plantas, inspiração de decor com plantas, decoração, jardinagem, suculentas, verde, natureza
an image of a room with stairs and plants on the floor in front of it
N14, aaestudio | homify
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