Olho bordado para bonecas de pano

Although Lisa is making a doll with these beautiful eyes, I'm thinking that embroidering a doll's face onto a tee or jacket would be pretty fun. Big Little: Doll Making - Colouring the Eyes

Doll tutorial

step by step Waldorf doll photos. (Go to Step These beautiful babies want to be "born" and have hand spun/knit clothes! I have made the body.

paint doll eyes

Hands and Heart: class includes painting doll eyes Artist Monica Zuniga; great website, very creative artist

yaye!!! another freebie to create  a cutie!!!....

poupée country - pattern for doll & kitty - no instructions, just "jpg" image

ARTE COM QUIANE - Paps,Moldes,E.V.A,Feltro,Costuras,Fofuchas 3D: boneca de pano

boneca de pano

PDF sewing pater to make a felt Fairy and a felt Peter par Kosucas

PDF sewing pattern to make a felt Fairy and a felt Peter Pan about 9 inches tall. It is not a finished dolls. Includes tutorial with pictures and step by