Cristina Reis

Cristina Reis
Guapimirim / I'm always seeking,in transformation and evolution,diving in everything that captivate my soul, and brings me happines: fabric flowers are just one of them
Cristina Reis
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Me explique isso: 10 000 anos de idade.  Rocha moldada artificialmente.

José Manuel Castro López creates stone sculptures that look bizarrely squishy. The sculptures cleverly play with our assumptions with drapery-like folds and bends that look surrealistically out of place.

Ancient Astronauts Evidence | ... ancient astronaut theory and presented evidence which he believes may

Ancient art featuring what? Many think this looks like an astronaut; ¤¤¤ What does this tell us about our past in ancient times? Notice the gear on back & cords or tubing leading to the chest area. It's weird maaan.

A discovered mosaic fragment from the Antarctic circle, in the forgotten kingdom…

Admiral Bird with a discovered mosaic fragment from the Antarctic circle. It looks very familiar to the 'Fish God' worshipped by the Dogon Tribe in Africa. The Japanese and the Sumerians also worshipped a Fish God.

local people call this Lemurian Temple ~ It is located in a valley about a mile inland from Lake Titicaca near the town of Pune,Peru.The it measures 23 feet x 23 feet with a six feet high alcove at the base ~ the Puerta de Hayu Marca (The Gate of the Gods). Our guide called it an Interdimensional Doorway because it has long been believed that the ancients could use it to travel to other universes.

The door, or the “Puerta de Hayu Marca” (Gate of the Gods), (Peru), has been at some time in the distant past carved out of a natural rock face and in all measures exactly seven meters in width with a smaller alcove in the center at the base.

Oprah Winfrey Admitting To Bringing Harvey Weinstein Young Women Is Fake News