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Não se esqueçam disto, amados: para o Senhor um dia é como mil anos, e mil anos como um dia.   O Senhor não demora em cumprir a sua prome...

Norvz Austria - Norvz Austria channels abstract concepts of life that plague people and turns them into surreal works of digital art. These concepts include the co.

melusineh: “  Erik Johansson ”

Swedish artist Erik Johansson is a photographer and retoucher who makes surreal images by recombining photos with other materials. A man of ideas. This one is called "Drifting Away".

hippie-tranquility: “ oecologia: “ The Gibbon by Thanawat Thiasiriphet.


Long Lost Photo Found, Rumors of Mona Lisa Bloodline Connection to Rock Band Confirmed: Picture is proof that Mona Lisa was a cousin 3 times removed to Gene Simmons and obviously the source that inspired the "look & style" of the band known today as KISS.