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an info sheet with different types of words in spanish and english, including the word's
Mapa conceitual Émile Durkheim
a poster with different languages in spanish and english
Mapa conceitual karl Marx
Assunto- karl Marx
the words in spanish are written on a piece of paper with colored crayons
a diagram with the words genros textuals written in spanish and other languages on it
Mapa Mental - Gêneros Textuais
a map with flags and other things to see in the country's flag colors
Guerra Fria em Mapa Mental
Entenda os principais eventos e personagens que moldaram a Guerra Fria em um mapa mental completo e didático. Navegue pelos conceitos e conexões que definiram este período histórico. #GuerraFria #MapaMental #História #Estudo #ENEM #ConcursosPúblicos
a poster with spanish words and pictures on it
Nazismo e Fascismo (1/3)
Mindfulness, Fan Art, Study Tips, Cool Avatars, Mind Map, Thing 1, Map
Nazismo Mapa mental
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, relacionsmoo
a handwritten document with the words suppmente da soctoon on it
Surgimento da Sociologia
an image of a menu for a restaurant with food and drink options on it, in spanish
Resumo Revolução Francesa - História
Resumo Revolução Francesa - História
a white and black resume with the words baracono no brasill on it
Barroco no Brasil
the back cover of a spanish book with words in purple and black on white background
Resumo de Geografia - Agropecuária