Can Civil War just be this opening on this dramatic scene and then it turning into a fist bump & them the rest of the movie is a comedy? I LOVE BAYMAX : BAH LA LA LA)


Raven, from Teen Titans. She's pretty awesome, but Starfire will always be my favorite. ^-^ I know it's DC and not Marvel, but The Teen Titans are probably one of my favorite super-hero teams.


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Muito bom esses animes❤❤

Blood and gore. My top 5

why is hellsing ultimate on the same list with mirai nikki,tokyo ghoul and elfen lied? hellsing ultimate is a very good anime.it does not deserve it to be on the same list with all those piece of shit.

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Run Barry, Run

Almofada Run Barry, Run! de The Flash Brasil (Speedsters)

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