Sinalização Escola Westerdals                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Sinalização Escola Westerdals

Wayfinding Westerdals Signage and environmental design Designed and executed by: Marius Holtmon, Mette Landsem and Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen

Ênfase                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

This looks like a museum floor tile where they put the directions to a certain exhibit which I think is really cool. It stands out against the normal brick, and is eye-catching whilst also being small and not really a big deal.

A sinalização foi realizada com um sistema modular expansível, na qual é possível  utilizar o mesmo revestimento de madeira inspirado nas cabanas acima. A informação é aplicada em branco, resultando em uma boa legibilidade e autenticidade.

Jerwood Gallery

The signage was performed with an expandable modular system, where you can use the same wood flooring inspired by the huts above. The information is applied to white, resulting in a good readability and authenticity.