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Telhas usadas para montar uma floreira

Creativity is producing with what is at hand. The Valeria Barros made his planter using tiles. And it was pretty cool Mais

The first priority after arriving in Mexico, was of course to spend some time with my girlfriend, Elba, who'd been waiting for me for the la...

A unique outdoor dividing wall using concrete and wine bottles. Great for outdoor shower or anytime you'd like a little more privacy.

Esú! Esú! Esú! Esú criado por Olodumare. Esú é esfera. Os Orisa se movem para frente, Esú se move para trás. O centro da terr...

Esú é esfera. O centro da terr.


Hide a Design Under Pond Water Garden Water Feature! (Shown: Face of Buddha) Really, it can be whatever you like! A flower or swirl or other pattern, perhaps?