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Bellarke / Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin / Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor / Day Trip / The 100 / Warrants a second pinning

Bellamy's thoughts in 4x06 LOL #funny #the100 "Clarke ... si je ne te vois plus ..." - Bellamy "Non, vous le ferez." - Clarke "Merde, Clarke ! Je ne finis même pas la phrase, Clarke" "Juste pour finir" "Tu m'as interrompu" "Allons y !" "Nous allons tous mourir bientôt ... laisse moi terminer" "Non ? D'accord" "Je t'aime" - Clarke

If you watch the episode you know that THIS was CLAKE AND ROAN'S fault! Darn it Clarke he loves you and you won't ever let him say it!

CW's The 100 - Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. All the times Bellamy refers to Clarke as "Princess," which makes me so happy. It started out as a joke, but it's kind of not a joke anymore :) |The 100||CW||TV Shows||Bellarke||Clarke and Bellamy|

When Bellamy first started calling Clarke 'princess' it was very derogatory, but over time it became more of an affectionate and maybe even loving moniker.

Everyone blames CLARKE for her mistakes but BELLAMY shares her mistakes

The 100 ~ Ep 2 x 16 ~ Bellamy Blake ~ Clarke Griffin ~ Bellarke ~ Octavia ~ Lexa ~ Abby ~ Jasper ~