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Shopping chat by gleb

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Amazon Checkout Redesign Exercise — Part III: Shipping and Payment

Its purpose is not to create business solutions, but to practice creating them in a simulated environment. The power of guessing is applied to form business goals…

Books big

Last week’s design release introduced Frames, Shapes and Vectors to Framer and featured some fun examples that showed off the new features. One of them was this colorful book store concept.

Project management dashboard anggityuniar omnicreativora attachment4

Project management dashboard anggityuniar omnicreativora attachment4

Sales dashboard

Here's a quick exploration I did of a sales dashboard geared toward a distributed sales team with customers in various countries/markets. Having metrics like "deal size" and "conversion rate" keep .

Conference app full

App proposal for the conference event! We are hiring! UI Designer Product Designer Sr Product Designer --- Show us love! Visit our pr.

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These are the first WIP screens of Buyers & Sellers mobile app for a pretty cool Texas start-up we are working on here at Zajno. That’s exactly the same project, which aims at becom.