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a piece of white knitted material hanging from a string on a blue table top
Вяжем вместе он - лайн шарфик "Листопад".
a white knitted scarf sitting on top of a wooden table
Double up one end. Flip and sew to make a large loop to pull other end through.
a gray knitted scarf on top of a white mannequin
two pictures of green crocheted scarves on mannequins
the bottom half of a page from a book with instructions on how to knit
Écharpes au crochet - Le monde-creatif
Voici des modèles des écharpes au crochet avec leurs digrammes gratuits ou leurs grilles gratuites.. Le premier modèle d'écharpe au crochet ou plutôt chèche au crochet Voici les diagrammes gratuits de cet écharpe , chèche au crochet .. Un autre modèle...
a white doily is shown on a green surface
Designs by PurpleIguana
crocheted shoes and knitting needles on a wooden table next to an image of the sole of a knitted shoe
a crocheted mitt sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a ball of yarn
a white shirt with a gray scarf on it's neck and a wooden hanger
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