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a piece of cloth with buttons on it next to a pair of scissors and thread
TeachMy Busy Board ~ Montessori Toy
#AD If you are looking for educational toys for toddlers - you need to check out @TeachMy Busy Board ~ Montessori Toys. It's the perfect product for on-the-go learning. Grab it for someone on your Christmas list now! The busy board is a sensory toy to help kids learn basic fine motor skills. Perfectly designed as a handbag, making it easy to carry! #teachmy #teachmybaby #teachmytoddler #teachmypreshooler #teachmykindergartener
a hand holding a piece of felt with scissors on it and a pair of green boots
a yellow and white wall hanging with colorful buttons on it's sides, attached to the side of a piece of fabric
a pair of gloves sitting on top of a pink and blue quilted piece of cloth
Apprendre à compter - InvictusCrea
a hand holding a small purse with scissors and other items in it's pocket
Brinquedo Educativo Bebê / Cubo Sensorial em Feltro e Tecido
Brinquedo Educativo Bebê / Cubo Sensorial em Feltro e Tecido
a green and pink purse sitting on top of a table next to a pair of scissors
a small blue bag with various items attached to the front and sides, on a white surface
Этот кубик я сшила для одного маленького мальчика, который очень любит поезда и драконов, а именно Беззубика)) Три стороны кубика - это паровоз и два вагончика. Паровоз и вагончики легко прикрепляются на кубик с помощью контактной ленты (липучки). Их можно снимать с кубика и скреплять...