People are addicted to different things. I'm addicted to music, not drugs.

Meu coração bate assim!!!!

Heart of music. Cool tattoo idea for all you music lovers out there "I like it how the combined instruments to shape a heart"

Meu mundo particular que compartilho com meu sorriso. A música se demora em mim.

I'm tickled by the "It's a Passion" print series by Susana Parada. Now, if she would just make one for cheese, I'd be all set! {Images by Parada Creations}

Não vivo sem!

Headphone Love Wire Wall Art Decal- Decorate any room with the Headphones Love Wire Wall Art Decal.

flying shoes art studio: MUSIC

PRINT: Music Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary Page by Kristy Patterson at Flying Shoes Art Studio in Guymon, Oklahoma

Music therapy...

++ MEDICINE SOUL ++ Music therapy as a non pharmacological intervention.well that's what this picture makes me think of!

Music comes from and connects the mind, body and soul

tweaking or tuning up. "Afinando o cerebro" (Portuguese) = tuning the brain.

E quando eu perguntei, ouvi você dizer que eu era tudo o que você sempre quis... Marisa Monte

Wednesday Wisdom: Lose Yourself

The only thing that can make Linus forget about his blanket (classic Peanuts, records in comic books)


Prosa de Cora traz poesia e positividade para a timeline