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the logo for jasmine hotel is shown on a wooden wall with two black boxes
Jasmine Coffee
two computer screens and a tablet on a wooden surface with the words fact behind them
Website Unilever
a blue and white book on top of a wooden table
Tabloid Unilever
there is a blue circle with the words,'sustainability splits the world in two '
Tabloid Unilever
an open book with the words power of small on it and a blue water drop
Tabloit Unilever
there are three pictures with different shapes and sizes on the same page, one is made out of wood
Tommy'z Toko
a bottle of wine with a gold cap on it and an advertisement for the champagne company
Citroen DM
a book with the title di - rect doget tommy on it
Di-rect does Tommy
four skateboards are lined up against a wall
a collage of photos showing different styles of women in dresses and heels, with one woman laying on the ground