Foto com longa exposição

long exposure photography black and white - This image shows the sense of movement and I pined mostly for the independant unit and to have an idea how to create an image for the moving object theme

S'immerger jusqu'à ce que la limite soit atteint savoir s'arrêter à temps avant de ce retrouver noyer dans cette dépens-dance ( dépendance )

♒ Mermaids Among Us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens - Henri Senders - Submerged

Bom dia!

Bom dia!

Cup of coffee, morning light & his sweater. I mornings like these.

artist Anastasia Mastrakouli currently studying at the Ionian University Department of Audio Visual Arts. Using the naked female body hidden behind a wet window, she created an alphabet called the most successful "Naked Silhouette Alphabet."

Naked Silhouette Alphabet

“NAKED SILHOUETTE ALPHABET“, a very evocative typography designed by the Greek artist Anastasia Mastrakouli, who uses naked female bodies subtly hidden behind a wet glass to trace the letters of the alphabet…

"Louvado seja o Senhor, que dia a dia leva as nossas cargas! Deus é a nossa salvação." (Salmos 68:19)

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description The Perfect Shadow via Top 10 Most Beautiful Portraits Of Blue Eyed People ~ IM BLUE EYED (and blonde

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