Kreativität ist auch im Bad gefragt! ;)

Bathroom Organization [Top 10 Best Ideas

DIY Toilet Paper Storage Basket is a basket that can be filled with toilet paper rolls with a wood rod that acts as a toilet paper holder.

Chaleco de ganchillo Original.... Beautiful Crochet - with pictorial and diagrams!

modify for a lingerie look under a pinny Chaleco de ganchillo Original. Beautiful Crochet - with pictorial and diagrams!

Crochet Bunny Rabbit applique

Crochet Bunny Rabbit applique, no instructions. Looks like trebles for body and head, dc for tail, chains for ears, feet and bow.

Пинетки "Кеды" вязание крючком | Портал для Блондинок

booties baby slippers - no pattern just picture image. But you see how the bottom and sides are made and easy to see how the rest would be made and be put together.