Infográfico: 15 técnicas para acabar com a procrastinação

Bloom's revised Taxonomy with verbs!

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Action Verbs infographic - e-Learning Infographics - The Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Action Verbs infographic includes some action words that are useful in writing learning objectives.

The Modern Taxonomy Wheel ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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"The Principles of Adult Learning" (#INFOGRAPHIC)

PD: A simple infographic providing an Overview of the Principles of Adult Learning by Nicole Legault. Seems clear and common-sense . good food for thought by course designers.

Everyone is talented. Multiple Intelligences framework of Gardner is a good approach for Talent Development in two stages - Talent Identification and Nurturing Talent

Differentiated Instruction: What is it?

During week one of this course I concentrated my studies on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. The reading by Keefe and Dickinson

How Businesses Can Benefit by Investing in Corporate Training image Corporate Training Programs Areas and ROI Calculation by Protential Info...

Protential Human Capital Development has presented the infographic on Corporate Training Program which categorizes ROI for different training areas. This will help business leaders take training decisions wisely.

What kind of smart are you - How Intelligence fits into the workplace (Infographic)

How Intelligence Fits Into The Workplace [INFOGRAPHIC] See on Scoop.it - Great Advice For Career “ Here is an infographic explaining a good IQ is often required for success at work, but more often.

Multiplas Inteligencias Tipos

Os 9 tipos de inteligência humana: quais as suas? A teoria das inteligências múltiplas foi desenvolvida pelo psicólogo americano Howard Gardner

Part of understanding your story is to know your learning type or intelligence type. The 9 Types of Intelligence By Howard Gardner Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Interpersonal, linguistic, spatial is all me.