MTV "Group Hug"

MTV "Group Hug" by Sehsucht. Blobs cuddling in a group hug, colouring the grey…

design by David Sossella

Amazing vector illustrations and t-shirt designs by David Sossella from Treviso, Italy.


Big Menace Industries creates really wicked character illustrations and they have worked with some really big names like Disney, Ubisoft, Blizzard,


Marcelo Schultz→Volkswagen Bubble Digital Art, Illustration, Automotive Design This is the kind of VW bug I would love to have in my house.

The 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar by Patrick Gannon — Kickstarter

Patrick Gannon is raising funds for The 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar on Kickstarter! The 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar features 12 beautiful cut and torn paper art images by Patrick Gannon in a gorgeous wall calendar.


Street Fighter Fan Art Illustrations is a digital Illustration project by Phuwadon Thongnoum from Thailand. Phuwadon is a fan of the Street Fighter game.

Russian doll

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Create symmetrical vector character art- Combine shapes and textures with vectors and symmetry to radical effect in this tutorial by illustrator Jonny Wan.