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♥ APOD: Pleiades Deep Field Image Credit & Copyright: Stanislav Volskiy Explanation: Have you ever seen the Pleiades star cluster? Even if you have, you probably have never seen it like this: all dusty. Perhaps the most famous star cluster on the sky, the bright stars of the Pleiades can be seen without binoculars from even the depths of a light-polluted city. With a long exposure from a dark location, though, the dust cloud surrounding the Pleiades sta...

Also known as the Seven Sisters and the Pleiades lies about 400 light years away toward the constellation of the Bull (Taurus). Pleiades Deep Field Image Credit & Copyright: Stanislav Volskiy via apod.

Pelican Nebula Ionization Front. The light from young energetic stars is slowly transforming the Pelican's cold gas to hot gas, with the advancing boundary between the two known as an ionization front.

Pelican Nebula Ionization Front - Minimum credit line: University of Colorado, University of Hawaii and NOAO/AURA/NSF

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