A 'naked' wedding cake is a lovely concept, especially if you are keeping the wedding rustic and intimate with DIY elements.

A naked cake dusted in powdered sugar is perfect for a rustic holiday wedding! The naked cake screams simplicity while the powdered sugar emulates fresh fallen snow. This cake is sure to be a perfect blend of rustic and holiday wedding theme!

Rustic cupcake stand

I don't know what I would use this for but I like it. Maybe the plum color instead or just the regular wood color. Maybe some mini wood platforms for plants - Wedding And Dressing

Rainbow Cake

wedding cake Wedding cake A colorful slice of. Butterfly and Poppy Wedding Cake by Sweet Pea Wedding Cakes

Cupcake stand

I would use this as a plant stand. rustic cupcake stand plus 34 other ideas for DIY cupcake stands, this is my favorite! No tutorial but a great idea.

cupcake stands

Fabulous ideas for green wedding cupcakes! Let's begin with a three tier cupcake wedding cake with one mini cake on top and two tiers of .

Fall Wedding Cakes

Getting ready for a fall affair? Let them eat cake! A fall wedding cake is traditionally something with several layers and orange and burgundy decor but you can go for a more original piece. A naked wedding cake is trendy like no other.

REVEL: Sugared Cranberry Wedding Cake

Stunning woodland cake with sugared cranberries and rosemary sprigs by 'Enjoy Cupcakes'. {NO recipe- just an idea for decorating a cake}