This packaging design is amazing to me. It's already fun to look at and catches your eye, but how it's able to use the product as a part of it's display is just clever. The black and white colors are also nice. I feel too much color would have made the overall packaging overbearing.--------------개껌을 개 이빨로 표현하며 디자인해 개를 키우는 사람들의 시선을 끌어 구매를 생각해보게 되는 좋은 디자인같다

52 Examples Of Eye-Popping Packaging Designs

Whitebites is a creative packaging project by a student Cecilia Uhr. She’s noticed that there are lack of variety of packaging designs for dog foods and snacks. So Uhr

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I love this "Leather" paper bag. This is great way to save on bags at the grocery store while lasting forever.

Ideias para fotos de casal

Ideias para fotos de casal/noivado

Exemplos de cerveja bonitas de Embalagem Design Criativo

200 Grandes Exemplos de projetos criativos de Embalagem

Arquivo para Tecido - Página 6 de 22 - Como fazer artesanatos

Como Fazer uma Bolsa para Carregar Vinho

Designed by Chance: DIY Wine Tote: AKA Booze Bag. Bottles or not, I love the sections to keep my groceries apart


Designer started a project named TOKA, art project in reused bottles and others used objects, with drawing in pen custom-made.

Leather Wine Bottle Carriers, Brown | Gump's

Search for gumps-wine-bottle-carriers.html products that have been hand-selected by Dwell and our partners. Each product page will tell its back story—including the materials, construction, and inspiration—and will link you to…

Foto com as crianças que vale a pena emoldurar.

42 ideias criativas de fotos de casamento que você vai querer roubar

Why you need a ring bearer and flower girl. amawalt Why you need a ring bearer and flower girl. Why you need a ring bearer and flower girl.

Les sacs sont des objets très pratiques dans la vie quotidienne et permettent d'offrir un support de communication pour les marques. Afin de poursuivre notre rendez-vous sur les inspirations graphique qui sortent du web, nous vous proposons la

18 sacs au graphisme étonnant ! - Inspiration graphique #8

The graphics for this bag are really clear and a standard font for the bag. The handles are really interesting though because they have made the handles look like the shoe laces from the shoe graphics on the bag. What a clever idea!

30 embalagens geniais que você vai querer usar | Pavablog

30 embalagens geniais que você vai querer usar

butter package, comes with wooden spoon lid. by Yeongkeun Jeong . good idea for other sides as well

Gráfica e Editora Moura Ramos: livros, revistas, embalagens, sacolas, agendas e…

Unrefined Olive Oil The Small Monsters was asked to the branding, identity and packaging for the launch of an olive oil tasting bar in the Glebe district of Ottawa. The Small Monsters had a very tight.

Beer packaging samples for inspiration

40 Beer packaging samples for inspiration