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My dream treehouse would have been a double (two trees, probably about 10-20 ft apart, each with their own treehouse on them, connected by a rope bridge) one of them might be two stories. Each story though is tall enough for an adult to stand (7 ft?) and a ladder goes up on one of them. A staircase to the other. One could have a pole that you can slide down on. A swing, slide, bucket/rope pulley system (for raising goods up. The houses themselves would be 10-15 feet up so people could chill…

If you have a free weekend ahead and you cannot think of anything better to do with it, then building a tree house with your kids is a fantastic option. Here's your guide on how to build a tree house.

Kids tree house we built from salvaged wood.

Kids tree house we built from salvaged wood. I LOVE the color of the treehouse itself--ladder, not so much, Maybe we could use those panels they use for the industrial garages that lets light through?