Halloween Carnival

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Kathie Long

You can give them a scare when they reach for the toilet paper, too.

Because kids need more than just treats.

31 Ghoulish Treats For Your Halloween Feast - BuzzFeed Mobile - i would "pickle" and flavor them...

Brain Canapes

Bon appetit! Or run away screaming. Either one works.

S L A M's 2014 $20 Prop Entry - HauntForum

S L A M's 2014 $20 Prop Entry

S L A M's 2014 $20 Prop Entry 2014 $20 Prop Challenge

Haunted House Carnival Ticket Booth

Haunted House Carnival Ticket Booth Halloween Decoration Prop Decor Walking Dead Zombie. Goes great with Carnival Games

Something terrible happened the night the traveling carnival closed down! Clowns run amuck, People Screaming, Blood, Evil, Tickets!!!! Step right up folks and get your very own haunted carnival ticket booth! You can see in the photos some of the great uses for this creepy prop. (Pictured units have extra detail added by the end users) Stands well over 6 feet tall, large enough for most adults to stand in comfortably. Features hand painted weathering, "rusted" bars, Colored Lights, Breaks…

DIY carnival booth made out of a cardboard box + multiple wrapping paper tubes

Bailey's 3rd Birthday Party!!!

I have been receiving a lot of response about the past couple parties I have thrown for my girls so I decided to post a few ( ok a zillion...

Haunted Crystal Ball (Madame Leota) Using peppers ghost setup. Awesome. Must must have!'n

Haunted Crystal Ball (Madame Leota)

Haunted Crystal Ball (Madame Leota): Haunted Crystal Ball (Madame Leota or your own video)Ever wonder what happened to the heads of all those headless ghouls? Well they’re wandering the world looking for places to take up residence. It just so happens that one apparition’s head has …

Night Circus Ticket Booth / The Haunted Garden

Don't forget to stop and eat the roses

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Super Interesting Halloween Front Porch Decor

The Coolest Halloween Porches – 10 Spooky Ideas To Inspire

Clown Dummy

Static: - Cheap Clown Dummy's

wow..now I remember why I have hated clowns since I was a kid...cause they are just toooo damn creepy!!! Well done!!!