La rose dans tous ses états

Célébrée depuis toujours par les poètes, les écrivains, les peintre... la rose est appréciée pour son parfum et ses couleurs. Elle est l'une des plantes les…
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pink roses blooming in the garden next to a stone pillar and shrubbery with green leaves
Portland, Oregon’s Rose Garden
Portland Rose Garden beauties.
pink flowers blooming on the side of an iron arbor in a garden with roses growing all around
L'Haÿ-les-Roses (94. Val-de-Marne)
many pink flowers are in the middle of a field with white daisies and an old tree
David Austin Roses - Queen of Sweden
pink flowers line the side of a sidewalk in front of green grass and trees on either side
Роза флорибунда
pink flowers are blooming in the middle of a flower bed with green grass and yellow flowers
Rosiers : bien les choisir
Rosier buisson grandes fleurs - ©Société Française Des Roses
a garden filled with lots of flowers next to a lush green hedge covered in pink and white roses
Create a Beautiful Rose Garden