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William Martins

William Martins
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Miguel O’Hara returns to the year 2099 to discover that his future is now... imperfect!

Spider-Man 2099 is a comic book published by Marvel Comics written by Peter David drawn by artist William Sliney with a cover by artist Francesco Mattina for fans of spider-man, peter parker in the genre of or storyline of superhero

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman - What really makes Batman think that having kryptonite will help beat Superman? Doesn't he know he's fought other villains much more powerful than him that also have kryptonite like Lex Luthor, Metallo and Titano?

Spider-Man by Humberto Ramos

The Amazing Spider-Man Electro's power is out of control! And only one person can fix it.the Superior Spider-Man! This book's the AMAZING Spider-Man now.