para quando precisa de mais varal e no teto não tem mais espaço.... DIY slide out drying rack, laundry room

DIY slide out drying rack, laundry room = so smart! ^^^ To me it looks more like a pasta drying rack in the kitchen, but either way not a bad idea.

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Laundry room, a place where you do not put some more emphasis on friendly again as it certainly spend some time in this area on weekends. We present laundry rooms that could be ideal for


Idea- craft room off of laundry, share utility sink etc. Take a IKEA kitchen island and attach an ironing board. Great space saving storage and the perfect spot to also fold laundry.

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Baby gates into laundry drying racks. Now THIS is totally clever! (pinned to upcycled stuff and hh laundry boards) I think this would work SO well, perfect use of old baby gates, and with a minimum of effort. Really genius - I need this!


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THE LAUNDRY ROOM. Growing up in different parts of the world, the laundry room was a space in the garage or the unfinished basem.

Great idea to have an ironing board in the closet! #closets #organization

We will probably need this in Isaak's side of a walk in closet in addition to ironing in the laundry room. Top Organizing Tips For Closets - this built-in ironing board in the closet is a brilliant idea!

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