*(Add 2 cups of water if gone all day) Slow cooker herbed chicken breasts. Chicken breasts with fresh herbs and dry white wine cooked in slow cooker.Very simple and tasty recipe. Or use premade dressing

Lemon Angel Pie

Lemon Angel Pie

The perfect Easter dessert lemon angel pie. Our family favorite for years. Wouldn't be Easter without it!

Lemon Mousse.

Lemon Mousse - Creamy & Refreshing Dessert This Lemon Mousse is light, airy, fresh and creamy. Great by itself served in a parfait glass topped with whipped cream, but it would be equally great in a.

Tarte de Limão Rápida e Fácil -

Tarte de Limão Rápida e Fácil

Key Lime Pie fragrance oil for candle and soap making: The perfect blend of tart and sweet notes create this rich, creamy dessert fragrance.

Lemon Cream Scones (recipe) - On Sugar Mountain

Lemon Cream Scones: a slightly sweet, perfectly lemon treat for breakfast ! Enjoy with tea, coffee, and even a side of jam.