Sock Kangaroo Plushie - Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Fafitoys | Linha Zoo selecionados para o Salão Pernambuco Design 2008

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Шьём милых зайчат - ярмарки и дизайн-мареты 4 сезона в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге

Как я люблю кукол!

Sew cute leverets - fairs and design Maret 4 seasons in Moscow and St…

Dedicartesatelie: ENFEITES DE PÁSCOA PARA PORTA...<3 Deniz <3

Как я люблю кукол!

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DIY Simple Sew Teddy Bear Pattern, Eyes and noes are a little weird but that's an easy fix

Patron mouton

Cute fabric lamb pattern - pretty sure I need one of these as a pin cushion, and a larger one as a door stop.