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Fernando Wizzentainer
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Don't Be An EDC Troll: Carry the Gear You Need to Prevail

Don't be an EDC gear troll. What you carry on you, in your vehicle & in your home should give you the physical tools you need for survival based on your skills.

EDC dump - train edition

― Vosofferynさん( 「On the train back to Los Angeles. Comic Con 2016 was great. Ready to get back to the shop tomorrow…」

We are still taking pre-orders for the next batch of "Wise Guys". Colors will be Dark Bronze and Gun Metal (silver). $85 shipped. Pry bar, cap lifter, 1/4" bit driver with double sided bit, 3 box wrench sizes, and a "knuckle protector". Gotta protect you knuckles..... DM us for an order.  #WiseMen #wiseguy #prybar #knucks #2a #edc #edcgear #everydaycarry #pocketdump #igmilitia #pewpew #gear #comeandtakeit #freedom #prepper #knivesdaily #pockettools #multitool #guns #dtom #survival…

Pry bar, cap lifter, bit driver with double sided bit, 3 box wrench sizes, and a "knuckle protector"

Survival Life's 10-Step Guide To Emergency Preparedness

Self Reliance & Preparedness website shares an article of what in in his 72 hour Bug Out Bag. Having an disaster survival 72 Hour Bug Out and an emerge

Cool Pocket Dump. EDC Everyday Carry Gear Gadgets Daily Tactical Carry Vomit

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high enough to see the sea

Surfer riding surfing on a huge wave in Hawaii California is Australia island paradise in summer sun water beach ocean sea

Multiple tornados

Burning daylight—thought these were tornadoes, I think those are the burning oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Iraq set fire to more than 600 of them as they retreated from Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991