This is totally me if I were an anime character! Except I have brown hair.

Anime Drawing - thinking from a boy who protect her from a guys who call her a nerd.

ADOPTED O-oh... hi there. I-I'm Sarah. Um... I'm 13... oh, a-and I made this myself. *holds up puppet* S-so... n-nice to meet you.

Aww she is so cute , nerdy style but adorable too. that is what I like character look so simple but also a cute and adorable girl.

pretty anime girl with purple hair green eyes glasses and shes a school uniform

Yet another young anime that reminds me of my Friend. :) She's always glued to her computer screen.her cat sitting quietly in her lap.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei - Suzume Yosano. She looks so smart pretty here.

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