Pyro Projects to Try

Woodburning projects and pyrography art that look like fun (or they were fun) to try! Let this inspire and motivate you to create and burn!
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Complete Toolkit to Learn the Art of Pyrography
The Complete Wood Burning Toolkit includes: Pyrography Tip/Tricks Pyrography Techniques Tools Wood Wood Burners Transferring Adding Color Finishes 21 Pyrography Book Comparison
Volume Two of Templates for Pyrography!
60+ original templates from 34 wood burning artists from around the globe, with the intention of helping artists of all skill levels past, present, and future to hone their craft, try new styles, and make beautiful art through collaboration. The Wood Burn Community Book of Templates features pyrography design patterns created by the community for the community.
a wood slice being wood burned with a leafy mandala design. the title says: common wood types you should never burn on. Pyrography, Safety Precautions, Wood Types, Tree Art, Side Effects, Wood Burning
Pyrography Safety: Common wood species you should avoid.
These are common wood types you should NEVER burn on. WOOD BURNING IS A SAFE HOBBY WHEN YOU FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. SMOKE IS SMOKE. PERIOD. It is not good for you to be breathing the fumes in! Or allowing them to go into your eyes and the rest of the house where others are breathing it too. Click through for tips and tricks oand pyrography hacks to keep yoruself safe.
a wood slice with flowers wood burned onto the surface. Burning Flowers, Wood Burn Spoons, Wood Burning Tips, Decor Christmas Home, Small Bedroom Ideas, Wood Burn Designs, Pyrography Patterns
Top Wood Surfaces to Burn On: Pyrography Basics
Wood slice species that are safe for burning and easy for any artist to find! Wood is the most common surface for pyrography! There are other surfaces you can burn on, but wood is available almost everywhere and is definitely a great place to start if you are new to wood burning. Always look for unfinished, sanded smooth, and dried wood. These are musts for pyrography. Click through to learn about what surfaces are the best for wood burning, which ones to avoid and why!
a wood slice that is wood burned with prompts to inspire your next wood burned art project. Wood Books, Wood Slice, Wood Slices, Art Challenge
A Free Online Challenge with Prizes and Community Connections: May 22nd - 26th, 2023
Pyro projects to try: We are teaming up with our sponsor, @walnuthollow, to bring you this challenge from May 22nd to May 26th, 2023!! To participate in this 5 day wood burning challenge, post a photo of your prompt-inspired piece (on instagram) on the date listed using #SpringBurntWeek and mention both @woodburncorner + @walnuthollow. That’s it! It’s that easy. You can win wood, books, recordings to past events and so much more!! This is how to get inspired and creat DIY wood slice art!!
garden markers for plants and herbs in a garden. Garden Decor Ideas Rustic, Herb Markers Diy, Garden Plant Labels, Diy Garden Labels, Garden Label Ideas, Diy Garden Signs Wood, Plant Markers Diy Outdoor, Garden Tags Plant Markers, Plant Tags Diy
Easy and Free Garden Markers
These free and easy plant markers are the perfect easy craft for spring. Garden labels help you, your kids and family identify which plants are which, especialy when they are baby plants and herbs and veggies. Fun for a children's garden or for anyone! These are perfect for hippie garden ideas and a whimsical handmade aesthetic. Try it yourself: DIY unique garden art! Step by step instructions include how to prepare your markers, how to wood burn using pyrography and how to finish them!
a wood slice with a wood burned pattern on it that is in a radial symmetry design. Radial Symmetry Design, Radial Symmetry Art, How To Draw Wood, Basics Of Drawing, Radial Symmetry, Diy Mandala, Symmetry Design, Mandala Patterns, Symmetry Art
DIY Mandala Patterns and Pyrography
How to wood burn your own radial symmetry design! Learn the basics of drawing a mandala inspired pattern and then learn pyrography to wood burn it onto a wood slice or other burnable surface.
a pair of salad tongs made of wood and wood burned with a mandala design on the handles. Wood Burned Art, Art Outside, Wood Burning Art, Wooden Art, Fine Line
Learn how to wood burn!
Click through for some paid and FREE wood burning tutorials, pyrography classes and loads of resources when it comes to making wood slice art.
a bunch of wood slices with children's artwork wood burned onto the surface using a transfer technique and pyrography techniques. The title says: DIY wood burned gift ideas from the kids. Easy Wood Burning, Wood Burned Gifts, Wood Burning Pen, Diy Project Ideas, Personal Gifts, Childrens Artwork, Wooden Canvas
Personal gifts from the kids that will last forever
Easy Crafts for Kids! This is how to get your kids involved in Pyrography and Wood Slice Art. Step-by-step instructions on how transfer your child's art onto a wood slice. How to burn the wood slice & how to finish off the wooden canvas that you made with your child! This is a great activity for kids to join you and preserve their favorite artwork forever! These DIY project ideas with kids make great gifts. Click through for easy wood burning project ideas & inspiration with full tutorial
Pyrography Inspiration
Get wood burning inspiration and join the community in this pyrography community challenge! Words, or prompts, created by the community force you to think outside of the box when it comes to what to burn next. Creative inspiration is easier when you are given unique words that prompt you to think differently. Click through to learn how to join and get started burning!
a wood slice with a frog on a flower wood burned onto it. A template of the same image on a paper for tracing. Template Book, Over 60, Wood Diy, Step By Step
Easy Templates + Patterns for Pyrography
We can't believe it but the pyrography community has come together and created this amazing template book full of unique and easy to trace designs. There are 34 artists and over 60 designs! Learn how to wood burn with instructions and step-by-step guide to transferring your art & using pyrography to make it last forever. These books for creatives allow you to practice woodburning with art you actually enjoy! Beginners are welcome & experts can challenge themselves with these outlines.
A person using a pyrography tool to burn into a wood slice. The title says team building wood burning classes. Team Building Ideas, Employee Performance, Company Culture, Building Ideas, New Crafts, Try Something New
Unique Corporate Events: Learn How to Wood Burn
Want to try something new, relaxing & fun with your coworker? Effective team building ideas for more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and boosting employee performance! Wood Burn Corner brings unique virtual experiences to teams in their own home or office! Our classes are equal parts learning a new craft, relaxing mindful practice, fun, and team building. Learn how to wood burn with your coworkers!! How to woodburn basics including all tools & materials to get an easy start!
The Wood Burn Community Book Of Templates
This is a book full of unique and beautriful patterns for you to practice your burning on! Learn the art of pyrography with patterns you actually enjoy! A step by step tutorial is included on how to transfer the designs onto wood easily! DIY art project ideas. This is easy woodworking projects you can do on your next crafternoon.
a wooden slice with yellow flowers painted on it and the words free poppy pattern for wood burning
Free Poppy Pattern Template for Wood Burning
Grab your free wood burning template pattern and learn how to wood burn! Step by step instructions allow you to learn this relaxing hobby and gives you a new project idea! Easy wood working projects for your next crafternoon.
four different pictures with the words pyrrography collaboration ideas on them and images of birds
How to collaborate with artists: Unique team building experiences!
Try Something New: Learn the art of Pyrography! This is a relaxing & fun hobby that creates a unique bonding experience! Effective team building ideas for more engaged employees: boost employee performance! @woodburncorner brings unique virtual experiences to teams in their own home or office! Our classes are equal parts learning a new craft, relaxing mindful practice, fun, & team building. Learn how to wood burn with coworkers!! How to woodburn basics including all tools & materials.