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Xavier Benedito

Geralt x Jaskier

Hi ! I'm Giada, 21 years old. I'm crazy and falling in love of art...

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Netflix Witcher discussion, pictures, memes, and more... This is a respectful, inclusive place to enjoy and discuss Netflix's adaptation of The...

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“#witcherOC of my fave alchemy build Manticore school Witcher and chugging concoctions is her personality #Witcher”


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It is a pity we could not stay this way forever (Lady of The Lake artwork)

All things related to The Witcher... Books, games, TV-series... You name it.

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“I was reminded that i do have a #Witcher oc in the depths of my collection. School of the viper!”

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“the powerless whisper that the sign of a cat, scratched once into your town message board and once above your threshold, will summon a mad witcher with a taste for the blood of wicked men; and a certain cat never wants for fresh milk or a warm lap to rest in >:3c #witcherOC”