Santa Cena

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Soul Food is a Sacred Recipe for the Mind and Body - Mind and Body - Utne Reader

The blessing of soul food comes from cooking together and embracing each taste and morsel.

Liturgical Art: Visual Enhancements for Worship- this is a great site for inspiration for different liturgical seasons, Tim might like this Fall Church Decorations, Thanksgiving Decorations, Altar Design, Church Design, Lords Supper, Holy Thursday, Church Stage, Falls Church, Church Flowers


The theme for our fourth week in the series was Tithing, but our pastor was more interested in discussing giving with gladness than in talk...

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Mesas de Santa Ceia

Na igreja evangélica a Santa Ceia é um dos eventos mais importantes. É um momento de gratidão e confraternização com os irmãos, quando lembr...

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주님 만찬 성목요일, 전례/제대꽃꽂이

- 경주꽃집 초아꽃 -​주님 만찬 성목요일전례꽃꽂이, 제대꽃꽂이성주간, 사순시기​경주 성동성당​Relig...

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꽃페라의 전례꽃꽂이 소개-전례꽃지도자연합회3월데몬

전례꽃지도자연합회 는 3월7일 역삼동성당에서 3월 월례모임을 가졌다. 4월 전레곷꽂이 작품에 대한 데몬과...

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주님 만찬 성 목요일, 전례꽃꽂이, 초아꽃

주님 만찬 성 목요일 - 사순시기 - 제대 소재 : 빵, 소철, 유리잔, 포도, 포도주 경주 성동성당 2015. 4. 2...