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a large black bird standing on top of a wooden table
crow stare
Corvid stare
a ferret climbing up the side of a tree
a raccoon holding onto a yellow flower
first date kinda nervous
karl bought flowers
two small monkeys sitting on top of each other
Adorable baby bats - honestly - snuggled in wool at animal shelter
a small bat hanging upside down from the side of it's body with its eyes wide open
If You Think Bats Are Terrifying These 57 Pics Will Change Your Mind
Adorable Bats
a large black bird standing on top of a stone wall in front of a castle
four otters are in the water and one is looking at the camera with its mouth open
15 Tiny Dragons Secretly Disguising Themselves As Adorable Pet Lizards | Binatang aneh, Binatang lucu, Bayi hewan
a close up view of a dog's nose
a small brown and black dog laying on top of a blanket
a black bat with its tongue hanging out
a large bird standing on top of a cement ground