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I just love these little Chibi Exo Fanarts' Exo chibi cute Kpop fanart Chen Suho Baekyhun Sehun Luhan Kai Tao Kris Lay Xiumin D.

Suguinhaa ♥

BTS Scenarios - ❤42❤

Baekhyun EXO ❤️

EXO @ Melon Music Awards // baekhyun // ugh, his hands & fingers are so pretty

oh my gosh! And they're both like: wut? O.O

Chen kissing baekhyun so cute galaxychen: © Both Chen and Baekhyun are like "what just happened?

Xiumin EXO ❤️

❤️ (okay thats it for the xiumin photo rant for tonight! please support xiu and all of our beautiful amazing idols from every group! they're all amazing and deserve alll of our love!

How cute.: ) chanyeol lowered his height so baekhyun could look taller. Love baekyeol<3

Everyone is pinning this wrong, they think Yeollie is being nice, BUT he's teasing Baek by tiptoeing then Baek is all"WHY ARE YOU TALLER?" And they both giggle at the deception ❤

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Jackson and Mark - nice! that smile is what put Mark solidly on my bias list.

|EXO| Kai (Kim Jong-in) and D.O. (Do Kyungsoo)

What are you doing KaiSo? At EXO photobook dear happines