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a man sitting on top of a box next to a small dog and another animal
cute_tsukamoto on twitter
a drawing of a man sitting on a couch next to a dog and holding a cup
Nanami Kento 𝓙𝓾𝓳𝓾𝓽𝓼𝓾 𝓚𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓮𝓷
a drawing of a man with an owl on his lap
some people are doing different things with their phones
☆ ͡ icon - Nanami Kento & Pompompurin 🍮 ☆
◜♡◞ artist﹕tt @/motofuyusso : Nanami Kento - Jujutsu Kaisen & Pompompurin 🍮 - Sanrio !!
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an anime scene with two people in black and white
a man with his arms crossed wearing a shirt and tie