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Samurai - two in a row! Go "In Service of Samurai" :)

Painting Process The 18 x 36 clayboard was painted with mossy green and muted yellow acrylics, aged to create cracks and crevasses, and then slightly detailed with light touches of red enamel for cont

Buddha lotus tattoo

real looking buddha/lotus tattoo

Buddha portrait tattoo on back

Buddhist tattoo designs are based on Buddha symbols and elements. Buddhism is an ancient religion that is widely practiced all over the world. There's a variety of different Buddhist symbols that may be considered for a Buddha tattoo.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil tattoo. Love it

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil skull tattoo design

Chicano Tattoo Flash Art

Chicano Tattoo Flash Art

She looks like my cousin Jennifer

Smile now cry later

The D'oh Show - SIMPSONS TATTOO SPECIAL! In honor of the D'oh Show, a Simpsons themed art show at Tarte Vintage in Santa Ana, I'll be offering these or any SIMPSONS tattoos at half price until the opening event on February 1. Show up to the show rocking your new Simpsons ink! Join the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1431064880456820/?ref=br_tf

Will Koffman - Custom Tattoo Artist - Laguna Inkspot and Gallery Laguna Beach, CA

Padma Bella's: Learning Happiness & Loving Yourself

I will probably never get a tat, but if I do this is similar to what I want. A simple lotus flower.

japanese mask tattoo - Google Search

Demon Mask Tattoo Designs Chinese mask tattoo meaning

Ganesh- god of obstacles and wisdom.

Ganesh with Lotus Tattoo by ~Metacharis on deviantART. Already have one Ganesh tattoo but would consider another.